SELENA (Perez) Missing My Baby – Working with Selena

I had heard of rising Tejano star Selena but we first saw her when the label showed us a video she had done with pop group the Barrio Boyz and we couldn’t take our eyes off the screen. She was a star, plain & simple. We had recently worked on the Barrio Boys “How We Roll” Album along with Fat Joe and the label had us scheduled to do a couple of songs on Selena’s highly anticipated english album. Of course when you’re working with an artist you do your research and by the time we started the project I was a huge fan. I became personally excited to find out she was actually a fan of the Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam stuff we had done and that they covered a couple of the songs in their stage show.
It felt like something big was about to happen from the label’s commitment and the emergence of the Latin market into the mainstream at that time…
We started production on some songs in New York. Then, the unthinkable happened. It’s hard to explain how the phone call I got saying she had been shot affected me. Like the rest of the nation, I felt like a great wrong had been done, like something destined had been stopped unnaturally and we had all suffered a great loss that we would never understand the extent of.
A couple of weeks passed and we got an unexpected phone call from her brother A&B Quintanilla and her Dad asking us to come out to Corpus Christi Texas so we could finish the mixes and remixes on a couple of the songs. In the shadow of the tragedy the whole family were still focused on completing the album. We had no idea what to expect, it had only been two weeks since the shooting and when we arrived in Corpus Cristi it was still a media circus. Her husband Chris and her Dad picked us up at the airport and took us to their complex. There have been many music business families but this was a family that had made music their business…So the place was solemn but busy.
Her vocals were already on the tracks and it felt like she couldn’t possibly be gone until someone’s eyes would well up and bring you back to reality. Before returning to NYC the staff and entire family came by the studio to hear the mixes. Gratification in your work can show up at random moments in this business and when they all stood up and applauded as the “Missing My Baby” & Techno Clumba remixes ended, is one that will always stay with me.
I feel honored to have had the experience of working with them.

this song can be found on
“Dreaming of You” and Greatest Hits” Albums

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