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Music video by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam;Full Force performing I Wonder If I Take You Home. (C) Personal Records Inc.

Q&A with the Geenius:

Details: Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam were a Full Force act signed to Columbia records thru Forceful Productions. How did you guys find the group?

the Geenius: We had the song “I Wonder If I Take You Home” 1/2 done and and a few other songs and were looking for a young female artist to sing them… We held some auditions in our basement and after hearing some potential winners, Mike, one of our friends from the block who sometimes played percussion for us on local gigs, told us about this pretty puerto rican girl he met at the Funhouse (a Manhattan club we frequented). She came in the next day and sang “For Your Eyes Only” (Sheena Easton’s song from the James Bond movie). We loved it..B-fine asked her to sing the hook from “Take you Home” and we knew she was the one. She had this “round the way” girl sound to her voice… really relatable to a younger urban audience, yet strong enough to handle a ballad. There was something about it that made people want to sing along with her.

To this day, people credit our heavily hip hop influenced pop/club mixture with being the blueprint for the Freestyle explosion that brought acts like Cover Girls, Expose’, Marc Anthony, Coro and others mainstream attention.

Details: Did you produce and write the whole first album? At what point did Columbia Records bring in additional producers?

the Geenius: The music business was different at that time. Producers brought in acts and then would write and produce the whole album. We did the first three Lisa Lisa Cult Jam albums then Columbia brought in Robert Clivilles and David Cole, who were hot at the time with the success of their C&C Music Factory project and the group Seduction, on the fourth. They did half the album we did half.

Details: What are Lisa, Mike and Al doing now?

the Geenius: Lisa got into acting on shows like Nickelodeon’s  “Taina” and performs live regularly
Mike Performs with Capoeira group and DJ’s Samba/Brazil influenced music.
Al Spanador Mosely has several writing, production, and musician credits. He does a lot of work with the Track Masters and plays live regularly.

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